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Exeter & Leicester. Cities with something in common?

It's a theme I will be returning to on these pages in the future. But a number of designs during the 1950s were used multiple times, across seemingly unconnected clubs.

Nowadays when the branding of football matchday magazines is often outsourced, a number of issues share a template. But it's not what you would expect from 60 years ago. But let's look at the example of Exeter City and Leicester City from 1953/54. Clubs 200 miles, and one division, apart.

Leicester and Exeter programmes 1953/54
Blue v Red but so many similarities

Obviously a few differences but the style of the players coming into the pitch is remarkably similar. The Leicester players look a little happier don't they though?

Inside the front cover we have pages that broadly match although the blue/red differences follow through everywhere for obvious reasons and the Exeter red edgings are a touch wavy! But the Manager's Message is a match. (though the Leicester notes spill over onto a second pages they are also signed off with the manager's 'signature'.

Some subtle differences here but the overall styling is the same. Leicester lack the team colours that Exeter show however. It is interesting that Exeter's team colours note the colour of shorts. The bulk of programmes from this season still use the term 'knickers'.

'Our Visitors' is next where there is a significant difference. Exeter keep the section solely for descriptions of their opponents individual players while Leicester talk about the visiting club with 'Pen Portraits' on the following page. Also worth noting that the primary advert is for a motor company - though it has to be said that car companies and garages dominate the adverts through most clubs.

Finally the Fixtures page. Would you use a builder/decorator that doubled as a Funeral parlour?

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