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Interesting and Recommended Links

Recently came across the YouTube site for Table Football Monthly. Obviously very Subbuteo centred but the presenters seem to have a lot of fun making it and cover some very interesting nostalgic games and events. Highly recommended.


The foremost magazine covering football programmes from across the world and from the oldest to last week's publications. The magazine is supplemented  by auctions, classified ads and wanted items.

Interesting blog on all things about Tottenham Hotspur but includes excellent articles on Programmes of the past.

Excellent Pictorial Celebration of West Ham programmes throughout their history. Highly recommended.

The site covers all three major clubs in the area - Stevenage Town, Stevenage Athletic, and Stevenage Borough (now FC) - and aims to provide a valuable resource both for those who wish to find out more about the history of football in the town, and for other programme collectors.

If you are looking for England Football Programmes and related England memorabilia, then you have come to the right place.

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