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Colchester United vs QPR 1966/67

Although I like the simple design that shows the Colchester United strip in the cover, there's little to no information.

They've been able to include the club's phone number but not the date, the competition or the opposition.

Colchester United were actually meeting Queen's Park Rangers on a December afternoon at Layer Road. It was the U's first league home game in almost a month and it wasn't a happy homecoming with the away team running out comfortable 3-1 winners (QPR following up a 5-0 thumping of Colchester In the 1st Round of the League Cup, which they then won).

Of course, QPR also won the League that remarkable season while Colchester languished midtable.

Amusing programme notes by 'Terracite' when talking about 'last week's great away win at Darlington'

'So far as the National press is concerned I could learn nothing. The local bloke who presumably did all the different paper's reports was so busy saying how bad the home side was that I'm surprised he had time to notice the score. Although we won four-nil, he seems at pains to point out that the U's weren't good - Darlington were just bad! Darned good job we didn't just win 2-0, he'd have counted it as a draw!'

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