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West Ham vs Arsenal 1966/67

This is quite a nice design for West Ham. A little smaller than usual but simple and effective.

Of course, this was the season following England's World Cup triumph of which the Hammers were rightly proud that 3 of their players graced the final and all of England's goals were scored by 2 of them.

Despite the presence of the World Cup players the 1966/67 league season was a difficult for West Ham and they eventually finished 16th.

Their League Cup performance was better. Beaten 2 leg finalists the previous season, the Hammer were beaten by the same team WBA over a 2 legged semi-final this time.

2 interesting items from the programme is a picture of some of the victorious West Ham cricket team in which a good deal of first team regulars played. Nowadays it is Golf that is the primary second sport for footballers.

And also a picture of 'Old Boys' invited to the club's opening day fixture against Chelsea ( a 2-1 defeat).

The game against Arsenal was at least an improvement on that result with the London derby producing an entertaining 2-2 draw - see match report below.

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