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The Worst Programme?

In all of our collections we will all have one that we regard as the worst programme we've come across.

To be fair I think we have to eliminate from any consideration non-league programmes. Although some of the match day magazines of the present day are right up their with their premier league counterparts, those that date back to the golden era can be relatively amateurish.

But I'd like to submit the below programme for consideration. One look at the cover is probably enough to win any award for the worst effort from the football league ever!

If I'm being generous perhaps I've got hold of the programme aimed at junior Halifax supporters whom were given coloured crayons to fill the gaps on the front cover.

I mean have you ever seen a programme printed (probably on a photocopier in this case) that omitted the opposition in such a blatant way (its Millwall btw) and with no reference to the year or league it was played in. And nothing much to help with either of those important elements inside either except an advert for Leeds & Holbeck Building Society celebrating 100 years 'of progress and service'. Whatever happened to them!

Johnny Quinn's comments are notable for a couple of things.

He mentions 'Our smart new strip' but that is only Halifax reverting to Blue shirts and White shorts rather than all blue the preceding season. Interestingly on the team lineups shown below there are no team colours shown for Halifax or the visitors.

He also mentions that although the rise in admission prices is likely to be unpopular Second division football will only be possible with the public turning up. And also suggest that although the players are capable of attractive football they can't be expected to give their best in front of less than 2000 spectators.

I'm not sure how many people Halifax attracted through the turnstiles, or how exciting the football was. But it was 4th division football that beckoned, not 2nd division.

The programme was already fourth division!

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