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QPR vs Southend United 1926/27

After the ignominy of re-election the previous season drastic measures were called for and the significant decision was taken to change the club colours from green to blue; blue and white hoops in a bid to change the club’s luck. Obviously this change of club colours was not immediately reflected in club's programme which is a very unstubtle green.

It had the desired effect with a much better performance given during 1926-27 even if the mid-table position was only a modest turnaround. The foundation had been laid. The match day programme though remained very similar to the previous season with the cover predominantly green with the text and drawings in blue. William Youngers dominated the front (a regular thing during this time period) with the inside back page being filled for the first time by Denty’s Trunk Stores. Inside the adverts were mostly the same as the previous season but Bertram W Mills Circus was evidently in town for the beginning of 1927 when this match took place.

The game was against Southend United on the 8th January. It was the 2nd of three straight home games to begin the year with Rangers starting the game 5th from the bottom and Southend comfortable mid-table.

The game finished 3-2 to the Rangers with goals from Charlesworth,Middleton (pictured) and Goddard. This was George Goddard’s 15th goal in Ranger’s colours in his first season. He notched up 189 in total.

Worthy of note is that this is the season where Rangers forgot to enter the F.A Cup!

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