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Outsized Wrexham

In 1955/56 Wrexham adopted a programme cover that matched a lot of others at the time. That is, they incorporated a view of the ground, sandwiched by club details, match information and, often, advertisements. Most of the photographs used were aerial but a few, like Wrexham, have a photo taken at ground level and the view Wrexham selected was taken from the terraces.

The programme was a small size that was uncommon i.e. 7 1/4” x 5” and this programme styling was maintained through until 1959/60. Then, in a strangely aggressive review of their publication the club bounced the size from small

to large. 9 1/2” x 7 1/2” was the new look. The image of the ground was taken from the terraces but the photographer zoomed in closer.

The colour of the picture and text was mostly black but red and even green was used on occasion. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a great deal of reading in the issue. Pen pictures of the Brentford players, Very limited ‘Secretary’s Notes’, tiny history of Brentford with the biggest piece ‘Our Photo Gallery’ talking about a new feature highlighting personalities who have contributed to Wrexham - in this instance Alderman Eric McMahon.

But this programme is held together with a host of adverts. The fact that they are for local companies/groups does add interest though, especially when cartoons are included. Unusual to see the Denbighshire Constabulary (Traffic Department) advising ‘Better Drivers never cut in’. Jones the Chemist also stocks Sunray Lamps - ideal for Wales! Both the Army emergency Reserve and The Royal Welch Fusiliers are looking for recruits and the Wrexham Co-operative is now paying dividends on all C.W.S Cigarettes and tobaccos!

There are two schools of thought about whether marked/unmarked programmes are preferable. Obviously the degree of marking is important but, to a degree notations can add interest. What I find unusual in the alterations in this programme is that some christian name initials have been added in Pink, teams changes in Blue and, in Green, the next destination of D Weston and J Towers are marked (in fact G Francis, Gerry Francis’ dad, was also QPR bound).

This Third Division match finished 3-2 to the home side, their 1st victory of the season. (Wrexham scorers were Weston, Hewitt and Sowden, Towers & McLeods for the Bees. Wrexham completed the season in 23rd place and were relegated, Brentford finished 6th).

btw, if any of you are interested in the 'Search for Toby' there has been another sighting!

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