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Norwich City 1958/59

Certainly not one the most dynamic programme designs of the 1950s. An aerial view of the club's ground was pretty much a default during that time and is, perhaps, a little lazy.

But the simplicity of the rest of the design, only using Norwich's club colours of yellow and green works well.

This example is for a League Div 3 games against Queen's Park Rangers - a game between two teams near the lower end of the division at the time.

Both teams improved during the remainder of the season - Rangers marginally so but Norwich climbing strongly to 4th place.

Perhaps this game was a turning point for the Canaries as they trashed their opponents 5-1 but more likely it was their impressive run through to the F.A Cup semi-final that year that helped their league form improve.

The programme notes are lauding the team for getting to the 5th round (the 3rd time in 9 years) and the 'Twenty-Four Years Ago feature also mentions another giant killing victory at Leeds United.

There are two other interesting features that don't appear often in today's match day magazines. The quiz and What's on at the Cinema.

Certainly some interesting questions covering a range of sports. Would anyone attending today know that a black or yellow rubber sponge ball is used in Lacrosse?

Nowadays we're more likely to see the newest additions to Netflix rather the listings for the Carlton or the Gaumont. Although perhaps some readers will remember 'The Great Dictator' and a couple of the westerns will be familiar to a few viewers of Movies for Men.

The centre pages are dominated by local adverts with the team layouts smaller than most of the time. Obviously the names of Ashman, Butler, Crossan and Bly will engage the memory of more Norwich City supporters than Locke, Rutter and Drinkwater will for QPR fans.

All in all, this publication is not a classic but still has a certain charm.

By the way, if anyone's interested in any of the quiz answers then please drop me a mail.

You may also be interested in my Norwich City programme print

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